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Sasha Bruce & Youth Villages Featured

posted Mar 7, 2011, 6:49 AM by DC Behavioral Health Association
The work of two DCBHA members was recently highlighted in the media.  In February, The New York Times’ “Opinionator” blog featured two columns about Youth Villages.  Part 1 highlighted the organization's effective work with families in "A Families-First Approach to Foster Care."  Part 2 describes how the data supporting Youth Villages' efficacy in "A Network of Support."
Meanwhile, The Washington Post features Sasha Bruce Youthwork's third-party monitoring program.  "A GPS device, which costs $8 a day per person, can tell authorities at any moment whether the teen isn't where he is supposed to be. A monitor, at a cost of $30 a day per person, can tell them why," the article states.  It goes on to highlight the work done by Sasha Bruce monitors.