The District of Columbia Behavioral Health Association works to create a District of Columbia where all residents with mental illness or substance use disorders receive high-quality, whole-person health care services.

Member agencies include mental health providers, addiction treatment providers, primary care providers, and consumer and family run organizations that deliver mental health services, addiction services, or both. These member agencies are joined by hospital, managed care and commercial health plans, academic institutions, and community-based service providers as affiliate members.

Since 1983, the District of Columbia Behavioral Health Association has represented its members in policy advocacy with the DC Council and the DC Executive Branch, strengthened service quality through training and practice improvement assistance, and pursued community engagement to understand the needs of diverse stakeholders and to provide public education about prevention, early identification and intervention, harm reduction, treatment, and recovery.

The District of Columbia Behavioral Health Association believes that Black Lives Matter. See our Statement on Race and Equity.

“Pathways to Housing DC is a proud member of the DCBHA. Their advocacy on behalf of District residents living with behavioral health challenges and on behalf of agencies such as ours who serve them has been invaluable. We love the opportunity for our staff to network with other DCBHA members and share best practices, challenges, and strategies in real time at monthly meetings.” – Christy Respress, Executive Director, Pathways to Housing DC

DCBHA is part of the DC Health Matters Collaborative, a group of non-profit hospitals, community health centers, and other city partners who embrace a vision of one healthy and thriving capital city that holds the same promise for all residents regardless of where they live. The DC Health Matters Collaborative has jointly invested in DC Health Matters Connect (dchealthmattersconnect.org), an online resource directory where providers and community members can search and connect with free or reduced cost social service programs in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. DC Health Matters Connect provides a straightforward way to find social services in our community by ZIP Code. If you need assistance with social needs, start your search in the box below.