The District of Columbia Behavioral Health Association is a membership association. Our strength and our expertise rely on our members. Seasoned executives, bootstrapping entrepreneurs, and a rising generation of new leaders provide opportunities to develop partnerships, to give and receive peer-to-peer consultation, to expand networks, and to share emerging trends and cutting-edge innovations.

“As a CEO, with so many tasks, I am not always able to attend critical meetings.  My membership with DCBHA gives me assurance that I have a seat at the table. DCBHA voice lifts up concerns on issues, policies and practices that impact our business. DCBHA is in constant contact with decision makers, legislators, and opinion leaders. CEOs can’t be everywhere, that’s why it pays to belong to the DCBHA.” – Juanita Price, Chief Executive Officer, Hillcrest Children and Family Center

Member Benefits

All members share a commitment to helping District residents with mental illness or substance use disorders engage in high-quality, whole-person care.

Member agencies include mental health providers, addiction treatment providers, primary care providers, and consumer and family run organizations that deliver mental health services, addiction services, or both. These member agencies are joined by hospital, managed care and commercial health plans, academic institutions, and community-based service providers as affiliate members. 

What are the benefits of membership?

Apply for Membership

The District of Columbia Behavioral Health Association offers mutliple membership options based on your organization's specific work aligned with efforts to advance high-quality, whole-person care for District residents with mental illness, substance use disorder, or both.

Click the links above to choose the type of membership right for your organization, and join us in our shared work! If none of those membership types work for your organization, please contact us to explore corporate partnership or other affiliate membership opportunities!

“Community Connections was a founding member of the DC BHA (formerly known as the Mental Health Coalition) because we believe the local behavioral healthcare system is stronger and can provide better services to DC residents when agencies have active, collaborative working relationships with one another. Our system of care has become increasingly complex over the years, and the DCBHA helps agencies understand the multitude of policy and practice issues at hand, whether they be national trends or local regulations. DCBHA members strategize and often join together to advocate with city government and other community stakeholders for needed improvements in the District’s mental health and substance use treatment system of care. It’s also very helpful that our membership is broad and includes Core Service Agencies, specialty mental health and addictions service providers, hospitals, and federally qualified health centers; we get to learn from one another’s expertise.” – Rebecca Wolfson, Chief Human Resources Officer, Community Connections